The RPS conversation - Music on the home front

In the next instalment of The RPS Conversation, RPS Chief Executive James Murphy, introduces four people who have each done remarkable musical deeds in lockdown: the pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason whose performances at the family home have attracted millions on Facebook and BBC TV, conductor Helen Harrison who – with the Blackpool Symphony Orchestra – created one of the biggest viral hits of lockdown, violinist Catherine Arlidge whose joyous webinars for the National Children’s Orchestra and her own family exploits have been keeping spirits bright, and choral director Ben England who united 3,000 people to sing the Messiah at home as part of The Self-Isolation Choir.

As Catherine remarks in the conversation: ‘as a classical musician performing in big classical halls, you have an image of what quality is, and what this perfection is that you’re trying to achieve. But actually lockdown has shifted that more towards a quality about connection, about meaning and relevance, and about saying something that people need and value now.’

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