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Preparing for a diploma: behind the scenes

3 years ago


As part of the launch of our new post-Grade-8 diploma, ARSM, we recorded a behind-the-scenes look at members of the Junior Department at the Royal Schools of Music as they tested their performance skills for our cameras!

"It gives you somewhere to aim for. If you've done Grade 8, it's a nice bridge between ARSM and DipABRSM."

ABRSM Chief Examiner John Holmes oversaw proceedings and provided an additional insight into the requirements and objectives of the new diploma.

What is ARSM?

The Associate of the Royal Schools of Music (ARSM) is a performance-only diploma that provides an opportunity to candidates to demonstrate performance skills after Grade 8.

Candidates perform a 30-minute programme where they are assessed on their musical communication skills, interpretation and technical delivery. There are no written or spoken elements and no scales, sight-reading or aural tests, making it a very accessible exam.

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